Did you realize that you can get free piano lessons online? No, well you can, and a lot of them are very good.

We love free piano lessons. They are a fantastic way for you to learn the basics. Here we explain what you can expect from these classes, and how to find the best free online piano tuition.

Free online piano lessons – How good are they?

Now, we bet some are you are a little surprised that we like this way of learning to play an instrument. No doubt, many of you are scratching your head thinking how can free music lessons be any good?

After all, many piano teachers charge as much as $100 per hour for their services, so how can something that is free be anywhere as good as something that normally costs so much?

The simple fact is that the vast majority of these classes are being used as a way to showcase a teacher’s or individual’s talents. We know, from experience, that most free lessons are in fact very good.

Read on to find out about the different types, and get a better understanding of why the standard of free lessons is actually very good. This is just an overview at a later date we will be adding more learn piano reviews to this website.

Free introductory piano lessons

The vast majority of the free lessons you find on the web are professionally produced. This is because they often come in the form of taster, or sample, classes.

There are hundreds of different piano courses being sold online. So, competition for students is stiff, to say the least.

This means that firms that sell piano courses have to think outside of the box when it comes to their marketing. They have to stand out from the crowd, and demonstrate to potential students that the standard of tuition they offer is high.

A great way to do exactly that is to offer sample piano lessons. Letting students download and use the first five or six lessons in the series is a good way to do that. It gives them a chance to try before they buy. Good quality, and free to use sample music lessons give people the confidence to invest, and actually buy the course.

Private tutor taster lessons


Increasingly, private tutors are doing something similar. Many are now using the internet to offer taster lessons. Often, they are advertising these classes online. You can frequently sign up for taster lessons.

Some even offer a free one to one class via Skype. However, the vast majority simply offer potential students access to a private area of their website. Once signed into that area, people can watch, and follow, a specially selected set of taster video lessons.

Free lessons from piano enthusiasts


Another, great source of free piano tuition are the videos that other students host on sites like YouTube. These classes are interesting, but the quality varies considerably. They can be a good source of encouragement, but you need to be aware that, sometimes, the techniques taught are not the best.

Free online piano lessons from professional musicians


If you are lucky you can find free lessons that have been uploaded by professional musicians, who want to share their passion with others. The quality of these lessons is generally good, but they will normally be genre specific. Of course, if you want to learn a specific style of piano playing this is a good thing. For example, if you want to learn how to play ragtime piano, it is great to be able to do so with the help of someone who is an expert when it coes to that style of playing.

Free YouTube piano classes


One of the best places to find free piano tuition is YouTube. There are literally thousands of free piano video classes available on YouTube.

Naturally, the quality varies, but there are some very good channels available that contain dozens of great classes. If you want to find free jazz piano lessons, or blues lessons the excellent search box on You Tube will allow you to easily find them.

Free PDF Piano Lessons

Surprisingly, there are still quite a few free PDF sty piano lessons available. When the internet first became available a lot of piano tutors put their own PDF tutorials together and made them available online. They did so to attract new students. Over the years, their marketing campaigns became more sophisticated, but they continued to offer their free PDF style lessons. This means that, today, using a simple search you can easily find and download them. Here is a great example of one such PDF.

Can you really learn to play the piano using free piano lessons?

As you can see, when it comes to free keyboard lessons, there is plenty of choice. But, the question is how much can your really learn this way?

Well the answer is quite a bit, but this way of learning to play the piano does have its limits. You have to bear in mind that the vast majority of these free classes are designed solely for beginners. Most are taster classes, so contain just enough information to draw potential students in.

When to start paying for lessons

They can be a very good way to get started with playing the piano. However, our experience is that at some point you will need to pay for some sort of tuition, if you want to continue to improve your piano playing.