If you want to know all about piano notes for beginners and kids, you are in the right place. We explain what these notes are, how you can use them, and how to make sure that you buy the right type.

Why use piano notes for beginners


PianoNotes-For-Beginners -and-KidsIf you want to play the piano, you do not necessarily have to be able to read music. However, it helps…. a lot.

It is perfectly possible to learn to play the piano by ear, but it takes most people a lot of time, and practice to be able to do so effectively. In the long-term learning to read piano music makes things a lot easier.

Once you have mastered this skill, after a brief read through you will be able to play the piece from beginning to end.Not perfectly, at first, but after a few practice sessions you will be able to play it well.

Whereas, when you learn to play a piece of piano music by ear, you will have to spend hours learning it section by section. In addition, you will have to memorize the music, which again takes time, and is difficult for most people to do.

What are learner piano notes?


Beginner piano notes are pieces of sheet music that are simple enough for novice piano players to understand, and follow. Another way of putting it is, sheet music for new students of the piano.

These notes are written a little differently from standard piano sheet music. To make everything easier to read the notes are printed in a large font.

Using bold type makes it far easier for a beginner’s eyes to follow the piece, and quickly work out what they need to play next. This is a great idea, that makes a huge difference.  A lot of students confirm that using piano beginner sheet music makes things a lot easier. Therefore, we highly recommend that you invest in books of beginner piano notes.

Types of beginner piano sheet music


There are several types of piano notes for beginners. All of the formats work well, so our advice it to simply buy those that appeal to you.

In our experience, if you really like a song you will find it far easier to learn than a tune you are not keen on. You will find yourself more driven to learn a piece of music that you enjoy listening to.

Piano Notes For Beginners and Kids


This is the case for all age groups. However, if you are buying beginner notes for a young pianist our recommendation is that you always start with the simplest tunes first.

This is because kid’s do not yet have the manual dexterity necessary to play complicated pieces. If the child is very young they will also not be sufficiently practiced at reading to be able to easily read a complex piece of music. So, very young students should always opt to use beginner piano notes for kids.

Nursery tunes are usually the best place for a very small child to start. Hickory Dickory Dock is a particularly good tune to learn because the notes move sequentially up and down the keyboard. It is fun to play, easy to remember and follows a logic that is easy for anyone, especially kids, can understand.