If you are wondering how to find piano lessons near me for adults, you are in the right place. Learning the piano can be great fun and something that you can keep doing throughout your lifetime. The piano is extremely popular amongst the mainstream instruments – and lots of people I know have attempted to learn the piano and used various methods of learning.

Piano-Lessons-Near-Me-For-AdultsSome have taught themselves, some have used online material and youtube videos. Others and probably the more successful have paid for piano lessons using a tutor.

Of course if you want to learn the piano, finding a tutor near you is probably top of your list – However classes can be expensive and there is also the additional expense of travel, if a piano teacher does not live near you. The bonus of using a teacher is that they can point out if you are making mistakes or not playing something correctly.

Before we answer the question of the best piano classes near me, lets just take a look at the different options you have open to you, as the best way to learn piano.

Learning online or from a product:

In todays modern age of course practically everything can be carried out online. This also goes without saying for the piano. There are lots of online tutorials and youtube vidoes.

There are numerous different ways to learning piano for beginners on the internet.

There are packages that you can download at your leisure and work at your own pace. There are workbooks, that include not only practice scales and written learning, but that contain pieces of basic music that you can master. Once you have mastered a particular workbook, you can move on to the next level.

There are correspondence courses, although these are now a little outdated, unless you just want to study the theory behind learning the piano.

Some courses can be taken as a group, but on a distant learning basis, where by you submit papers and test sheets for marking (again this applies more to piano theory)

Learning all alone:

Yes, it is possible to learn how to play piano all alone. With the considerable amount of learning material that you can find online from youtube lessons, to pages of sheet music, learning the piano can be done very cheaply.

There are some experts who just love to share their abilities with others and are now able to do this via the internet.

However, learning to play the piano on your own, may not be the most ideal approach and if you can afford it, then finding a tutor may mean that you stick to learning the piano and don’t give up so easily

Piano Lessons Near Me For Adults


Before you find a tutor, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

  1. What sort of music do you want to learn? – There are numerous different styles of music that can be played on the piano – Jazz, classical, contemporary to name but a few. It is rare that a piano teacher will specialise in all types, so its best to decide now which area you want to play.


  1. Do you want to learn to play the piano as quickly as possible, or do you want to follow an education formula of grades practical and written? – There are teachers available that have been playing the piano for year, but have no formal training. Their approach is probably less rigid and they will teach you how to play in their own way – The way they have developed. There are also teachers who have proper musical training and are able to apply that training to your music lessons.


  1. Do you want a male or female teacher?  It may not matter to you, or you may feel more comfortable with one or the other – Something to bear in mind.


  1. How much is my budget?  This will make a difference to the level of teacher that you can afford.

How to find the best piano classes near me?


Once you have decided what sort of teacher you are looking for, there are a number of ways to find one

  1. Hunt through local telephone directories – There will normally be a number of piano teachers listed in the local yellow pages.


2. Look out for small advertisements in general stores or walmarts. Often they will have advertisements for music teachers.


  1. Try contacting local schools and colleges. You will often find that music teachers earn some extra money after school hourse, by giving additional lessons.


  1. Use a search engine such as google, type in piano lessons and the state that you live in. This will also provide a list of teachers.


  1. Finally you can use someone like findpianolessons.com, which contain a list of music teachers in your specific area.

Once you have a short list, don’t be afraid to ask to meet them and find out how they teach, what they charge and if you can speak to any existing pupils. You are going to be spending hard earned money and so it is important that you do your research before choosing the right teacher for you.