Learn from depth- how to play jazz piano


The history of jazz is a long and interesting one. It is a varied form of music that has, over the years, evolved into several different distinct genres, including trad jazz, swing and stride jazz. The jazz tradition started in America in the late 1800s, and was initially played almost exclusively by black musicians. Today, it is played across the world, by all kinds of people.

Taking jazz piano lessons is a great way to improve your playing skills. It teaches you a lot about interpreting the music, and playing with feeling.

Jazz piano lessons – choosing the best

Here are a few hints to help you to find the best jazz classes in your area.

Unfortunately, there are not that many people out there teaching this challenging genre. As a result, you need to be realistic and realize that you may have to take online jazz lessons.

Find a jazz piano teacher in your area

If you are lucky enough to have a jazz piano teacher in your area take at least a few lessons with him or her. You will get far more out of doing so than just a lesson.

People who are involvDisregard piano notes for beginnersed in the jazz scene are passionate, and dedicated. Once you get into this genre of music, it really gets under your skin. It is actually quite addictive, and there is a huge live scene.

If you hook up with a proper jazz piano teacher you will be able to get invited to many of these events. Listening to live music is a great way to get your ear in. To pick up the feel, and feed off the energy of experienced player. Going to live jazz events with your jazz piano teacher will enthuse you and push you to work hard.

You can find jazz keyboard lessons advertised on online classified websites. If you attend live jazz events you can often find a teacher by asking the musicians after the gig. Many of the tutors that offer these classes are quite old, and have a tendency to market in traditional ways. As a result, you may also find them advertising in local newspapers or supermarket advertising boards.

Finding online jazz lessons

Get energetic
If you cannot find a teacher in your area, go online instead. Doing so, will enable you to access classes from across the world, which gives you far more choice.

It is even possible to find free jazz lessons, online. If you are already a reasonably competent player they are great. But, if you are just getting started with playing jazz piano, you are not likely to benefit from them much. This is because most of the free jazz piano videos are a bit too advanced for a beginner.

For those who are beginning jazz piano, a far better option is to invest in a course. We have listed a few good ones for you to take a look at below:

Piano Groove


Another great option is to take a Skype jazz lesson. This costs a bit more than buying a course, but is nowhere near as expensive as taking private piano lessons.