One of the things that puts some people off of pursuing learning the piano is the potential cost. There is a tendency to believe that piano lessons cost a lot of money. People realize that learning to play the piano is something that is likely to take a while. Most students are more than happy to commit to spending the time to learn an instrument. In fact, they look forward to doing so. They know the time spent learning the piano will be fun.

piano-lessons-costThe problem is that they also believe that learning to play the piano will cost a lot of money. Something that stops many piano students in their tracks. Something that puts them off taking the next step, and committing to taking classes.

Piano lessons cost not as high as you think


Well the good news is that, these days, learning to play an instrument without spending a fortune is easy.

You can even do it for free. Something that we talk about, in depth, at the end of this page.

However, we know that the majority of you are on this page because you are considering taking paid for piano lessons and what to know how much they cost. So we are going to answer that question first. In all likelihood you realise that free piano lessons will only take you or your child so far along the path of learning to play the keyboard, organ or piano. You, no doubt, want to invest the cash to make sure that your child learns properly from the start.

If you have cash available for lessons please read on. On the other hand, if you are short on funds at the moment and really want free lessons, please skip ahead to the last part of the article.

Paid for piano lessons


Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all answer to this question, how much do piano lessons cost.

So, we are going to break down the various paid options for you below in a way that will show you how to work out the cost of booking piano lessons for your child, or you.

How much does a piano teacher charge?

Normally, a private lesson of around thirty minutes will cost you from $35 to $50. For an hour long lesson the rate is usually around $60 to $90. A good rule of thumb is that a piano teacher will charge three of four times what a manual or office worker would normally be paid in your area.

If that is too much money don’t panic and give up your dream of your child learning to play the piano. Read on, there are far, far cheaper ways of doing it. e.g. Skype piano lessons or online piano courses.

There is no doubt that learning to play the piano with a tutor is not a cheap option, regardless of where you live in the world. However, the right teacher will help you to learn in a way that taking an online course cannot.

You also need to bear in mind that if your teacher is highly qualified, e.g. has a Master’s degree or a doctorate, they will charge a lot more. You can easily be looking at paying between $70 and $150 per half hour. Often if you book an hour long lesson you will get a discounted rate.

Ex, or working concert pianists sometimes also give classes. They often charge a bit more than a regular piano teacher would. Again, at least $70 per half hour.

You have to bear in mind that these types of teachers will teach you far more than just how to play. Normally, they will also teach you how to write music, musicology.

Some may even help you to find a job. In the world of music networking is still vital, so if your aim is for your child to become a professional musician signing them up for lessons with a working pianist could be a good move. They have the connections to make sure your child gets that first job.

Also, bear in mind that you can often negotiate a better deal if you are sending them more than one pupil. So if you have two children that want to learn the piano you can often get a discounted rate for their lessons.

Cost of Private piano tuition over Skype


A great way to get private piano lessons on the cheap is to try one of the teachers that offers instruction over Skype. It is a very different way of learning from face to face tuition, but is one that works well.

Skype piano lessons typically cost around $20 per half hour. Plus if you book an hour long lesson you will get a better deal. In addition, some of these providers offer a deal if you pay for  whole months or a year’s lessons up front.

If you have two kids, or want to learn alongside yours, you can also often negotiate a good deal.

Rates vary widely

The other factor that affects how much you will pay for piano lessons is demand. If you live in an area that is short on piano teachers, you may have to pay far more. On the other hand, in an area where there are more tutors than pupils you will pay less, a lot less, per hour.

How to find discounted private piano tuition


As with anything in life, if you are prepared to do the research and shop around you can often save yourself money. It is possible to use the internet, sites like this one, networking with friends and local papers to find the following types of deals:

Free piano taster lessons

Discounted lesson packages when you pay in advance

Cheap piano lessons for groups of students

Piano lesson vouchers and discount codes

Wowcher piano lesson deals

They will all knock a lot of money off of the cost of learning to play the piano with a private tutor.

Ok, that pretty much covers the cost of private tuition and tells you what you need to know about finding cheap piano lessons in your area. Now lets look at some other, cheaper, ways to get piano or keyboard classes.

Learning the piano at school

Another great option that a lot of people overlook is for your child to learn to play the piano at school. Sadly, your child will not learn very much in class. There simply is not enough time for them to do so.

However, a lot of schools do offer music lessons as an extra curricular activity. There is a charge, but normally the cost is a lot less than your having to pay for a one on one piano tutor.

In some schools pupils learn in small groups on digital keyboards. The way it works is this, each student wears earphones, so they are not distracted by what the others in the room are playing. The teacher explains the exercise, and goes around each child checking their understanding by unplugging the headphones and plugging them back in before moving on to check how the next student is doing.

This type of lesson can cost as little as $10 a week.

The cost of online piano courses


By far our favorite option for learning the piano is online courses. They are an extremely effective way to learn to play, yet are far cheaper than paying for a private piano tutor.

You get to learn at a pace that suits you, and at a time that is convenient to you. These courses tap into technology to help you to make progress, and do so really quickly.

Costs vary widely. How much you pay depends on if you pay for the entire course up front or pay in instalments.

Lifetime access to a basic course that will take you to an intermediate level will typically cost you between $90 and $400. That sounds like a lot of money but bear in mind you only pay it once, so it is actually a really good deal.

Here are some of our favorites :

Hear and Play – learn to play piano by ear

Playground Sessions – award winning piano lessons

Musiah – considered one of the best online piano lesson providers out there by industry leaders

Membership fee piano courses


It is also possible to pay for some online courses on a monthly basis. These are typically run as membership sites. The way it works is that you pay a fee every month. As long as you carry on paying you have access to all of the lessons plus any support that is offered.

However, the moment you stop paying your access to these resources stops. Often you cannot download the videos and lessons, so you end up walking away with just the knowledge and experience you built up while following the course.

Typically this type of course costs between $10 and $40 per month.

Budgeting for your piano tuition


As you can see the cost of your piano lessons is going to vary depending on where you live, and what type of tuition you choose. If you are serious about learning to play the piano in all likelihood you will have to pay for at least a few lessons. Hopefully, using the details above you will be able to work out roughly how much you have to pay and be able to budget accordingly.

Right that is the main paid options dealt with. If I have missed any, please leave a comment below to let me know. Now onto free organ, piano and keyboard lessons.

Free piano lessons


It does not matter where you live, if you have access to a reasonable internet connection you can get started for free.

There are hundreds of free piano lessons available online. It does not matter what genre or style of keyboard or piano playing you want to learn there is someone out there offering free classes.

The problem with free piano tuition

If you want a quick and easy way to get started it is well worth trying one of these packages. However, we are sorry to say that, in our experience, you cannot learn everything you need to know to play the piano well using free lessons.

The problem is that there are limits to what you can learn using free online lessons. If you just want to learn some basic tunes you will be happy, but most people want to learn how to play the piano proficiently.

Most free piano tuition does not take you beyond the beginner level. For those who want to play semi-professionally, join a band or play in their local orchestra what they learn will not be adequate.

However, we are not saying that you should not try free lessons. On the contrary, if your fingers have never touched the ivories, you really should take a free lesson, or two. It is the best way to for you to have a little tinkle on the keys and work out whether you actually enjoy playing the organ, keyboard or piano.

We believe this so strongly, that we have put together some links to the best free piano lessons below. Please click through to a few, pick one and try it.

Hear and Play – learn to play piano by ear with free video classes

Playground Sessions – sign up for a free trial to try out these award winning piano lessons

Musiah – free 14 day trial with one of the best online providers

Free trial piano classes


As you see above we have included a couple of free trial piano lesson deals in our list. We have done this because some of the best keyboard courses out there do not offer free lessons, but signing up for a trial means you can try them out without having to pay anything. Just remember to cancel within the allotted time if you decide that way of learning to play the piano or other instrument is not for you.

Free piano lessons on YouTube


If you do decide that you want to get started for free. You should also take a look at YouTube. There are some very good lessons on there that won’t cost you a dime. The only problem is that you will have to dig around to find the best ones. At some point we will put together a list of piano lesson on YouTube to point you in the right direction, and when we do we will post the link here.

Ask a friend to teach you the piano

The last free option we are going to cover is asking a friend to teach you. Surprisingly, this is an option many people completely forget about.

A friend or family member that has a busy work and family life may struggle to help, but many older relatives would love to pass on what they know. If you don’t know anyone personally ask around perhaps one of your friends or work colleagues that would like to teach someone to play. You may even find someone in your local church or old people’s home.