Beginning piano songs – some fabulous tunes to try


On this page we are going to give you some simple piano tunes to learn in the early stages of your playing career. We call these beginning piano, songs because they are the perfect piano tunes for novice piano players to learn.

Piano tunes to gently challenge new players

We have been careful to provide you with a range of different songs that will expose you to several styles, and ways of playing. Our choice of tunes is designed to help you to exercise your fingers as much as possible, and practice a wide range of scales.

Learning and practicing these relatively easy piano tunes will stretch you gently, and drive you onto success. Once you have aced these piano notes for beginners you will be ready and able to move on and enjoy playing more complex tunes.

Let it Be, by The Beatles

This fantastic pop melody is ideal for beginners. Even Only Hope by Mandy Mooreplayed in an amateur style it sounds great, and could be performed at an event by most novice players. The harmonies are in C, G, A Minor and F, but the tune itself is a simple one that is easy to remember, and play by ear. It also helps that a lot of people already know this tune well.

Only Hope by Mandy Moore

Practically everybody knows this melody from the beautiful film – A Walk to Remember. There were two versions of this memorable song performed in the film, but is the version that Mandy Moore sang, everyone remembers. It is a really simple tune to learn.

Often, when you play it somebody generally says “I love that tune!” This is great because, for a beginner, hearing someone say they appreciate their playing is a big thing. It makes them smile and provides the encouragement they need to carry on learning and stretching themselves as players.

Always by Bon Jovi

This is one of the best rock melodies out there. Playing it really is the best way to learn piano and enjoy yourself while you are doing it. This tune has been played at numerous weddings for the first dance, so it is another song that will win you fans among your friends and family.

The harmonies in this tune are E Major, A Major, B Major, G Major, D Major, C Sharp Minor and F Sharp Minor. This is great because it means that you are practicing a wide range of scales every time you play it.

The only drawback is that out of all of the beginner songs for piano on this page it is the trickiest to learn. However, it really is worth doing so. It can be a great warm up piece. Even experienced players use it to get themselves ready for big performances. Playing it is a good way to loosen up the fingers, and get your ear in.

Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams

Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams+This excellent rock melody is a standout tune. It is adored by people from all over the world. You always feel good when you play this tune, so playing it is quite literally a joy. The fact it is quiet fast paced is good too, because it makes you push yourself just that little bit harder.

Fur Elise by Beethoven

The classics sound fantastic when played on the piano, but quite a lot of classical pieces are quite complex. As a result, many new piano students automatically think that they have to practice for years before they can play classical piano songs. Sadly, to some extent they are right, but Fur Elise by Beethoven is one of those exceptions. It actually is a lot easier to learn than you think, and it feels really good the first time you succeed in playing.

The trick with learning to play this melody well is to learn to play it slowly. Once you have mastered it at a slower pace, you can speed things up and start to play it at the right tempo.

Candle in the wind by Elton John:

This is one of the greatest hits ever. It is best known for being played a the funeral of Princess Diana. In fact, Elton John wrote a special version of the tune for her funeral, and it is that version that is popular with new students of the piano.

No musician’s repertoire would be complete without an Elton John tune in it. The harmonies in this gentle melody are F Major, C Major, Bb Major Silent Night or Jingle Bellsand D Minor.

Silent Night or Jingle Bells

Both of these Christmas jingles are fun and simple piano melodies to learn. Most novice piano players relish learning Christmas tunes, and playing for their friends and family during the festive season.They are really repetitive so you can easily get the hang of these melodies.

Learn what you already know

Mary Had a Little Lamb and Chopsticks are also good for a complete novice. They are both very easy to remember and recreate. These simple piano melodies are the perfect way to learn.

You may notice that all of the songs we have chosen as beginner piano songs are well known. This is not a coincidence. One of the easiest ways to find beginner tunes for piano students is to make a list of their favorite songs. Then select those with the easiest melodies from the list.

The fact that the player already knows the tune well, makes a huge difference to how quickly they can learn it. Because they like the song, they are naturally very keen to master the tune. Liking a song provides extra motivation to learn to play it well.

In addition, familiarity with a tune makes it easier to play at the right tempo. Understanding the rhythm and the rise and fall of the melody makes it easier for your brain to recognize what comes next and send the right signals to your hands. The fact all of this happens a little faster because you know the tune means that the music flows through you, and sounds more natural.

The importance of diversity for new piano players

Before we go we need to remind you that as a new student of the piano you need to mix things up and play a diverse range of songs. Playing a beginner’s song like chopsticks, constantly, is a sure way to drive yourself nuts. You can easily end up wishing that you had never seen a piano, let alone tried to learn how to play one.

The trick is not to get too hung up about mastering this, or any other, simple piano tune before moving on to something a bit more complicated. This traditional way of learning actually stops many students in their tracks.

They get bored of playing the same beginner tune hour after hour and start to feel disheartened. This kills their desire to learn to play the piano. Often, they simply end up giving up. Using some of the easy piano tunes we have mentioned above, to mix things up a bit, will ensure that this does not happen.

Can you help us?

Are you just starting to play the piano? If yes, we would love to hear about the beginner’s piano songs you are playing. Please get in touch and let us know, so we can add to this list, and keep this page up to date.