Learning to Play Piano for Adults


Learning to play piano, for adults, can seem especially daunting. There are hundreds of thousands of people who just assume that they are too old to learn to play a musical instrument. But, hopefully you are not one of them. Piano lessons for adults are not a waste of time, in fact, they bring many benefits. Top of the list is that you will be able to play all of your favorite song.

You are never too old to learn how to play the piano.

However, it is important to recognize the fact that, as an adult, your learning experience is going to be different from that of a child. There are a few things you need to do to get yourself in the right place to benefit fully from taking adult piano classes.

You really do not need to be put off by your age. Studies show that even quite elderly people are more than capable of learning to play the piano. If you want to find out more about how to learn to play the piano in old age, take a look at our in-depth article.

Find the right adult piano teacher

Sadly, some professional piano teachers do not offer classes to adults. Exactly why that is beyond us, but the truth is that no all piano tutors like teaching adults. Hell, there are even some teachers out there who actually believe that 8 years old is too old to start to learn playing the piano.

That is obviously a ridiculous assertion. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people start to learn to play the piano as adults. Sure, very few of them will get good enough to be concert pianists, but most people do not want to learn to play the piano because they want a career as a musician. They are normally doing it for pleasure.

The point we are trying to make here … badly is that you need to find a teacher in your area that has a positive attitude to teaching adults. You are going to need the support of your tutor, so you want one that believes 100% in you and your ability to learn to play the piano as an adult. It can be tricky, but as this NY Times article explains it really is worth making the effort to find a teacher with the right touch.

Get organized

It is important to realize that, learning to play the piano is going to take time. It is not something that you can do in just a few weeks. If you want to learn to play the piano well it is going to take many months.

As an adult you have lots of responsibilities. The kids still need picking up from school, you still have to go to work, and look after everything at home.

You need to work out how much time you have available to take your adult piano classes, and to practice. If you are not organized from the very start you will very quickly fall by the wayside. Everyday life will simply get in the way, and your lessons will suffer.

Consider buying a piano

If you want to stand a good chance of learning to play the piano as an adult you are going to have to practice…. a lot.

Generally speaking adults have to practice playing their new instrument more than a child would. Adult students have more patience and tenacity than children do, but things tend to sink in more slowly when you are older, so practice is crucial. Therefore, buying a piano, or at least a keyboard, to use at home, makes a lot of sense.

Of course, you will be able to practice during your classes, but for most adults waiting a week between practices sessions will not be enough. So, if you can afford to buy a piano for the home your really should.

Having the instrument at home will allow you to practice regularly. You will be able to fit in 15 minutes before you prepare tea, and another short session before bed, or in the morning. Providing you with plenty of time to hone your skills, without disrupting your family or work life, too much.

Decide where you are going to put your piano

Before you buy your piano you need to work out where you are going to locate it. You need it to be easily accessible. It is also important to put it somewhere where you can practice without too many distractions.

Deciding where you will locate your new piano will make sure that you buy the right type. For example, if you realize you have nowhere quiet to locate a piano before you go out to buy one you have the chance to buy a keyboard and folding stand instead. That way, you will be able to set it up anywhere, for example, in the bedroom. Many people do this and slide the keyboard and folded stand under the bed.

Sign up for some additional piano tuition

In some ways adults make better piano students than children do. They are more focused, disciplined and confident. The problem is the brain of an adult is not as malleable as a child’s. As a result, learning certain skills becomes harder as you get older. One such skill is learning to play a musical instrument.

Adult piano students rarely remember everything that their teacher told them during the lesson. There is just too much more going on in their lives, and nobody’s memory gets better with age.

Therefore, it is always wise for an adult to sign up for an online course, as well as take private lessons. Doing so allows them to double check their understanding between lessons, and to remind themselves of what their piano teacher has told them.

Choose a song to learn to play on the piano

Anyone learning the piano had to be highly motivated. It is not an overnight task, so you need to be prepared to stick with it. A great way to make sure that you do exactly that is to choose a favorite track or two that you want to learn to play on the piano.

Setting a goal like this will give you focus, and drive you onto success.

The right mindset

When it comes to learning the piano as an adult, you need to have the right mindset. You need to believe that you can do it. Having doubts will set you back months. It honestly can, this article explains why that is the case as well as giving you some extra tips about mindset.

If you are not confident about your abilities to learn how to play the piano as an adult seek out others who have succeeded at doing so. There are some great online forums where you can find other adults who have already learnt to play the piano. Speaking to them will encourage you. They will also give you tips and advice to help you to learn as quickly as possible.