Using Apps to Learn the Piano

Piano keyboard

One of the trickiest things about learning to play the piano, is finding the time to do so. Today, we are going to look at an easy way to speed up the learning process, which is to use apps to learn the piano.

To get good at playing any instrument, and cement what you learn, you have to practice, and do so on a regular basis. The biggest mistake you can make is to take a lesson, then let a week go by without your fingers touching a set of keys. Doing that is a sure-fired way to forget everything that you have just learnt.

Why use Apps to Learn the Piano

Piano keyboardWhen it comes to playing the piano, practice really does make perfect. The problem is finding the time to do it.

Sitting down at your keyboard means you have to be home to do so. If you are like most people they are busy during the day either at work, or school. Plus, commuting takes up a load of time too. However, you can potentially put this time to good use.

A great example, is to use one of the apps below to learn how to play music. You can also watch some of the tunes to train your ear, and help your brain to recognize which keys produce which sounds.

Once you get home and sit at the keyboard you can use the app to help you to actually practice. Most apps have a facility built in that allows you to plug your smartphone or tablet into your keyboard. Doing so opens up the chance for you to play along to the app, and, in many cases, get live feedback.

Learn to play the piano using smartphone apps

Fortunately, there are ways to practice what you have learnt without necessarily having to be seated at the piano, and that is to use your smartphone.

Learn piano Apple Apps

The vast majority of the apps that are available are made for the iOs operating system. Most are made with the iPad in mind, but they will also work on most iPhones and some Mac PCs.

Playground Sessions iPad piano app

One of the very best is the one offered by Playground Sessions. This App has No. 1 rating on the Apple store. It is an exceptional app, which we highly recommend. You can download the app for free while it is in beta.

You can use it to hone your music reading skills, and importantly, can also practice your fingering. The majority of the package is designed to be used in combination with your keyboard, so it is not the kind of app you can get much use out of on your journey to work or school. HApps to Learn Pianoowever, it is an exceptionally good way to learn to play the piano. Its live feedback is especially useful, because you can correct any mistakes as you go along.

With this company we highly recommend that you give their PC based software a try too. To buy the software just click this link, go to the bottom of the page and click the sign up button. It really is worth trying it out for a month. We guarantee that piano players of all levels will be able to learn something from this fantastic piano learning company.

Smartphone Apps for young piano players

This app is perfect for helping young children to learn to play. The best way to understand what it does, is for you to watch the video. Persevere through the first minute of the video. The good stuff comes at the two minute point of the video.

We particularly like the fact that this app knows when a wrong note is played, and makes your kids go back until they get it right. It also gets faster as it detects the piano learner is improving, so will keep pace with any young player, regardless, of how quickly or slowly they learn.